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As we stare into the sky, we thank you Lord for the people we called friends.


As we stare into the sky, we thank you Lord for the people we called friends.

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I admit, I killed someone

This morning my sister and her family went out and asked me to look after Basty’s chick while they’re out - of course I didn’t refused to do so. I saw that the chick was chilling and I let her out of the empty ice cream tupperware she was in into the sunlit window. The chick’s usual twit stopped and I saw her sleeping peacefully out there. I took this picture because she doesn’t want to lie down but she just bows her head while sleeping.

After a while she lay her body down. I went outside the house to eat lunch. When I came back Basty was already looking for his chick so I look upstairs and found her and gave it to him. After an hour or so I took all my dishes downstairs, my eyes are on the things I’m holding and suddenly I crushed something underneath my foot :( yes I killed her… I killed the chick who reminded me of my own chick that I was able to grow when I was young. When I was looking after her this morning I was hoping that she will survive and grow just like the one I had before. Well life is short - specially for these kind of pets. She looks like this when she died

Goodbye chicky, you will be missed :(

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Since I don’t go to the office everyday I set up a mini office besides the door of my pad. The only reason I chose this location is because this is the only place inside the door the wifi could reach. Thanks to the owner of that free wifi, I don’t have to pay for my internet connection (For now… or forever :D). I’m also training myself again to get used to sit all day long. With all fairness I love what I’m doing :D

@kmev indeed that is all true hehehe

Since I don’t go to the office everyday I set up a mini office besides the door of my pad. The only reason I chose this location is because this is the only place inside the door the wifi could reach. Thanks to the owner of that free wifi, I don’t have to pay for my internet connection (For now… or forever :D). I’m also training myself again to get used to sit all day long. With all fairness I love what I’m doing :D

@kmev indeed that is all true hehehe

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Confirmed; Vera / V label = S.O.F.A

Since my television set is currently broken (and I’m not planning it to be fixed yet) I am watching TV programs through streaming websites. Even though “Magkaribal” is already a two to three months ongoing teleserye in ABS I manage to watch it from the beginning and I’m about to finish the latest episode. While watching this series I have this feeling that I’ve already seen where “Vera Couture” is located. It has been my habit to roam my eyes around when the setting is on the said shop to confirm if my speculation is correct. At last I have seen the only clue I have been waiting for. Upon watching August 17 episode of Magkaribal while Derek Ramsay (Louie) was waiting for Bea Alonzo (Gelai) outside the shop I saw 55 as i believe the number of the place. I Googled “55 Paseo De Roxas” and BOOM… I said out loud “Gotcha!”. S.O.F.A stands for School of Fashion and Arts is located there (Obviously it is a fashion and art school), I’m still not convinced till I see a picture for comparison and viola…

My previous office is located in Salcedo Street in Legaspi Village. My work has been so demanding back then that sometimes I have to leave the office very late thus I have been accustomed in taking a cab after office. Paseo De Roxas has been my usual route home and I fix my eyes into this exact infrastructure every time I’m passing through it. No wonder the first time I saw the “Vera Couture” setting I was reminded by this place. Now I can rest my case and enjoy the series.

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Dum - Siq Adventure

Day 1:

From home to NAIA terminal 3 to Dumaguete airport to the hotel was a bliss.

We ate breakfast and rested for about an hour to prepare for snorkeling in Apo Island’s fish sanctuary.

We bought our lunch before we board to the boat we rented for the whole afternoon. The weather is not that good thus every so often waves are hitting the boat and splash us with sea water. That ride was bumpy and it feels like riding a roller coaster. Everybody screams whenever we encounter a rampant movement along the way. At last we reach the island we are heading to, two of our friends get off the boat to settle the entrance fee and the rest head directly to the fish sanctuary. The clothes we are wearing while traveling towards the island are not suppose to be wet but we had no choice. Loading and unloading from the boat requires us to submerge half our body to the water. The grounds on the sanctuary was stony and slippery but nobody is complaining or whining about it.

We ate lunch without plates and drank water without cups. Having no cups to use in drinking water caused some of us to get drowned prior to snorkeling. We can’t help but to laugh at each other while taking turns to drink. Yes it wasn’t that convenient to do but non-stop laughing with friends made each and everyone satisfied with our lunch. Our guide gave us briefing before we start snorkeling. We hired two person to guide us to this venture. If i’m not wearing a snorkeling gadgets I bet that my mouth remained open in awe of the view this sanctuary offers. I can’t believe my eyes because I usually see this kind of scenery while singing out loud in videoke bar. We were advised that it is low tide hence we need to swim at least a meter away from the shore for us to avoid getting wounded from the corals. Even with this warning we still weren’t able to avoid getting wounded because of the wind and the waves moving us toward shore. We rested and prepare to go back to the hotel. After another bumpy road by the boat we were offered with a public bathroom for only 10 bucks per gallon of water. It was cheap so i took the deal. It was made of kawayan walls without roof. I was just wearing my brief while taking a bath then suddenly I hear camera clicks- oh my, oh my, paparatzi are outside taking photos (I already bought the copyrights so not a single picture will be shown in public… I hope… hehe). We all went back to the hotel and call it a day.

Day 2:

As early as 6am two of my friends went to the ticketing booth in Dumaguete port to buy our tickets going to Siquijor. We ate breakfast at the hotel and prepare ourselves to travel. This time we were riding a yacht type boat larger than yesterday. The ride wasn’t that smooth but it was acceptable until a very big wave hit our boat. As if planned everybody screamed all at the same time.

We reached the land of Siquijor after 45 minutes worth of bumpy ride. It is amazing that the water around this island is crystal clear even the water surrounding the port - where usually full of grease coming from the boat stopping by. As we head to the exit we noticed many people at the gate offering transportation deals. They were blocking our way out fortunately a friend of ours knows how to speak Visaya so she told them to let us pass before we talk. We got a great deal of transportation for touring the island.

The multi-cab fetch us to the hotel first for us to checkin our luggage and to eat our lunch as well. Our lunch this time was very great compared to as to how we ate our lunch the day before, except of course for the expensive price of the food we took. Our first destination is the oldest Balete tree, a manmade spring was created in front of the tree. There are fishes swimming on the water and suddenly one of us asked our tour guide if it’s okay to get a fish, the man replied no, because the owner might get mad. The last person who tried to get one died before reaching home he continued. We took pictures around the place and head to our next stop - to the falls.

We reach our next stop and we need to take a stairs with 135 steps to finally see the falls. It was raining so we were slow and very cautious in taking the slippery steps. We weren’t advised that we can plunge into the falls so nobody take any swimming wear with us. We weren’t expecting to be soaking wet because of the rain thus we didn’t bring any extra clothes. Some of us took the slippery road with bear foot. Again we took pictures and moved on.

The next destination was the tower where we can see the entire Siquijor. After about 15 minutes of road travel we reach the place where the multi-cab is able to take us. We took the rough road under the rain. We climb up the tower and see a big fat.. nothing. Due to the rain, all we can see is just cloud blocking the view - it was zero visibility but still we took pictures on the tower and head back to the multi-cab.

Our final destination was to the cave of Cantabon. We pay the entrance fee and took our helmets to avoid bumping our heads to the stalagmites/stalactites ahead of us. We were advised to be prepared to be half bodily wet because the cave’s ground is composed of rocks and water. “Walk like a duck” this is the first rule our guide told us. Because we lack light to help us see on our way inside the cave we laugh at ourselves because we were over doing it. We walked like a duck even if the cave requires us to just bend our knees a little bit. The water was cold but manageable. The rocks were slippery and painful to hold on to. It was tiring but we had a lot of fun. We were advised that the end of the cave is worth three hours of travel by foot, not to mention that we are very slow. We decided to mark the end of our cave adventure to the what they called pool - where we can submerge totally to the water to take a bath. We took a lot of pictures inside the cave and head back to the opening.

Tired tired tired, that’s all i can say after reaching the comforting ambience of coco grove - the resort we are staying. We rested and agreed to be at the pool by 7:30 pm before we take our dinner. Pictures pictures pictures, every moment of our stay we took pictures but we never get tired of striking a pose and smile. We ate supper, some took a bottle of beer and head back to our rooms to rest our back for tomorrow’s activities.

Day 3:

We planned to eat our breakfast at around 7:00 today because we are expected to check out of the resort by 11:30. Because of the tiresome day we encountered yesterday we ate our breakfast at around 7:30 to 8:00. After breakfast we took pictures around the vicinity of the resort. Those who wants to swim may do so.

We packed our bags, settle our accounts, and head to the port back to Dumaguete. This day was promising because of the beautiful sky. It was so hot so we decided to proceed with our Dumaguete trip by 4:00 in the afternoon. We all took nap and prepare to go out. Lucky us when we are about to start our tour the rain starts to fall. Hmmm… I think the rain loves us so much. Well despite of it we still decided to go on and proceed as planned.

We went to the bell tower and Siliman University. There’s not much of a tourist spot here in Dumaguete (that doesn’t require long hours of travel) so we head back to the hotel. We rested for a while and decided to go to a KTV bar near the hotel. We ate dinner there and sing at the top of our lungs. Since the room is private everybody’s carefree - doing anything at will - and just having fun. It was 1:00 in the morning when we decided to pack up and go back to the hotel. Another day has passed and we crashed to our bed.

Day 4:

Early in the morning everyone is preparing to catch our early flight. We ate breakfast and took our last shots of pictures at the hotel before heading to the airport. We weren’t suppose to be going back to Manila in the morning but unfortunate accident happened while booking the plane tickets. It was a blessing in disguise for me because I wouldn’t miss my nephew’s birthday party.  We catch the plane and got home safely.

The head count for this trip is very few compared to our last trip but never the less we had so much fun. Yes it was tiring and we had a little time to just relax and rest our back while enjoying the beautiful sun and fruit drink on the shore but it was an unforgettable experience.

This are some tips when you want to undergo the same hectic but fun Dumaguete and Siquijor adventure. (1) Bring a first aid kit (2) always bring an extra clothes (3) wear sandals, shoes that are not slippery and able to manage water and rocks. (4) don’t take off your clothes while taking a bath on a public C.R (5) avoid facing the waves while traveling the sea because your eyes will be soar in no time. (6) don’t complain nor whine just enjoy the experience in being a little bit closer to nature.

Enjoy the nature, the friends, the food, the view, and most specially enjoy life itself! 

P.S I’ll edit this post once I get a hand on the pictures… I didn’t bring a cam so I won’t miss a single shot :P

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